I Finally Lost my The Grazing Shed Virginity!

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I am so glad that they have opened a pop-up The Grazing Shed just a few doors up from my front door. I mean, this is fairly dangerous, but I have actually had the willpower to go just once at the moment, despite it being one of, if not THE best burgers that I have ever eaten. I haven't published a food blog in, what feels like, forever. I have been on Slimming World the past few weeks so visiting Grazing Shed really was a little treat!

I have only ever heard great things about Grazing Shed; great burgers and as they advertise quite a bit, ‘voted number 1 burger joint in Wales’. How could I not give it a try, especially when it is literally on my road? It looked pretty empty for a weekend, there was perhaps one other table in there which made me question if it really was worth the hype – do not be fooled, it really is worth the hype.

I went with both of my parents and we were all Grazing Shed virgins, so it was nice to all share this exciting experience together. We all ordered different burgers and I opted for the John Wayne, which is a classic BBQ burger with bacon, cheese, onions and lettuce. You can’t really go wrong with a burger like that, can you?

We all ordered different sides so that the three of us could all try each other’s. I opted for Hula Fries which consisted of cheese and pineapple and ham, it was delicious. If you’re one of these idiots that doesn’t think pineapple belongs on pizza, then perhaps you will make hula fries your new thing. My dad ordered Marmite fries, you’ll either love or hate them as they are smothered in cheese and Marmite. My mum however ordered what I would normally order, the classic cheese and bacon fries.

I don’t order beef burgers out much because I don’t always enjoy them – however, for actual independent, locally sourced burger joints, I tend to always skip the chicken burger and dive straight in on the beef. I am so glad that I did, this burger was amazing! The patty was thick and there was a perfect amount of toppings – not too many that I couldn’t ram it into my gob, but not too little that I wasted my money.

As for the sides, now this was a GAME CHANGER. My side was lovely, the pineapple really was a great inclusion. My dad’s fries didn’t have too much Marmite on there, which was great for me as I only like a small twang so it really was the perfect amount and my mum’s, well you can’t go wrong with cheese and bacon fries. There really was no need to get three sides however, we were all completely full!

The one bad thing that I will say about Grazing Shed is the lack of diet drinks. Obviously, this doesn’t bother me as I am all about that sugar life, but for some people that don’t tend to like sugary drinks, you’re restricted to two options.
I would absolutely love to go again, perhaps I will give their veggie burgers a go because they sound absolutely insane too. They have so many dirty, greasy options that it is absolutely nuts. Oh, and you can even add your own toppings for a little price too, so you really can just make your own burger.

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