The 10 Best European Cities That You Should Visit on a Budget

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If you're from the UK or anywhere else in Europe, then consider yourself lucky that you have a great range of the most iconic, and beautiful cities in the world all within a 3-hour flight. Most European cities have a stigma of being ridiculously expensive, such as Paris, the most expensive European city there is, but this list gives a great insight to some of the loveliest and most picturesque cities in the continent, all while keeping in budget.

Here are some of the most underrated cities in Europe that I intend to visit over my lifetime. This list has been compiled through research and by using Pinterest photos, obvs. But I will be sure to add a comment if I've been before!

1.     Bruges, Belgium

This really is next on my bucket list, especially now that I have discovered how cheap the Eurostar is in comparison to flying. Don’t let the low price tag put you off – there are plenty of things to see and do in Brutes!

2. Krakow, Poland

So get this, I visited Krakow in February for two nights and three days for £90. This included our flights with RyanAir and accommodation in a lovely little central apartment. Poland has a lower cost of living so a lot of things (including vodka!) will end up being ridiculously priced. We visited Auschwitz which I completely recommend. This was probably the priciest part of the trip but was still only £30 each.

3. Bratislava, Slovakia

This is somewhere that I would have never thought about going, until I was recently browsing Pinterest and spotted some of the most picturesque little areas I have ever seen. After looking at holiday packages on Expedia, I couldn’t believe how cheap it was!

4.     Edinburgh, Scotland

By far my favourite UK city. Flights to Edinburgh are often pretty cheap when you book in advance – around £30 each way and you can always use AirBnB for a funky little stay near the castle. There is so much to do here – and even better, so many FREE activities. You’re bound to have a cheap weekend away in Edinburgh!

5. Zagreb, Croatia

If you’re looking to go to Croatia, then the first place that probably pops to your head is Split. However, from Zagreb, you’re within driving distance from the Plitvice Lakes National Park and there is still plenty to do for half of the price than if you were to travel to Split.

6. Porto, Portugal

Again, Lisbon is probably everyone’s first choice when it comes to a city break in Portugal. It is certainly mine! However, I always forget about Porto and how cheap food and drink is over there. This is a great suggestion for travelers on a budget that still want the sun!

7. Valencia, Spain

This city packs as many things to do as Barcelona and Madrid, so if those two Spanish cities are too expensive for you, then look no further than Valencia. If you look on Expedia, then you’ll notice that Valencia is around £100 cheaper for a 3-day city break in comparison to Barcelona!

8. Valletta, Malta

I worked quite a lot on Malta in my last travel PR job, as we had a couple of hotels there. Malta is the European Capital of Culture of 2018 which makes it even more of a reason to visit this year, with the stalls, street festivals and workshops. The city itself is filled with stunning architecture and great sights, all while keeping your bank balance happy!

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