The Vacation Packing List You Didn't Know You Needed

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We all have different routines when it comes to packing before we go away. Those of us who have learnt the hard way may even have a physical packing list which we turn to the day before a holiday. All the better for making sure that we don’t forget those all important undies which can make or break our holiday. Okay, so forgetting your underwear wouldn’t ruin things. But, it would mean having to spend a fortune on replacements. As such, we’re stuck in our ways to ensure that no small clothing stone is left unturned.

But, despite our best efforts, there are always things we don’t think of until we arrive in our destinations. These are items you wouldn’t necessarily take the time to add to a packing list. Still, you regret not having them the moment you wake up on your first day. Then, for the duration of your experience, you ruminate on how much easier everything would be if you had those FEW items to hand. Still, when the next holiday rolls around you forget all about them again. Such is the vacation way of life.

Today, though, we’re here to say no more to those forgotten items! Instead, we’re going to look at the main offenders, and consider why you should take them along next time you hit the sky.

The reason for forgetting these is fairly obvious. Packing raincoats into your summer suitcase is depressing! Talk about raining on your vacation parade. In truth, though, even hot countries can be prone to their share of summer showers. In fact, depending on where you head, there’s a good chance of huge thunderstorms at some stage during your stay. Such is the fate of a tropical climate. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to kiss goodbye to the sun during your stay. In most cases, tropical rain comes in short and sharp bursts. As such, a rainy day could fast turn into a sunny scorcher. But, if you don’t remember to keep raincoats to hand, you’ll be in a difficult situation.

You’ll either waste time waiting or spend a fortune on a coat you wear for an hour of your life. That’s not a compromise anyone should have to make. So, save yourself by remembering the coats this time! If you’re worried about wasting space in your suitcase, stock up on some bagged plastic ponchos to see you through.

Water bottles
It doesn’t take a genius to work out that hydration is essential when travelling in hot countries. Yet, far too often, we forget to take a water bottle along for the ride. You could always buy drinks on the way, but that will go a long way towards boosting your vacation bill. What’s more, those going off the beaten track won’t have this option. You certainly wouldn’t be the first person wishing they had a water bottle to fill before leaving the hotel each morning. Of course, taking these on a flight is much more complicated than it used to be. The no-liquid rule means that taking water on board is a no-go.

But, there’s no rule which says you can’t pack an empty water bottle in your suitcase. By investing in something like these reusable water bottles before you go, you can even ensure they stay in one piece during the flight. What’s more, the steel material of reusable options ensures water stays cooler for longer, even in the hottest climates. Even if you don’t think you need this in your travelling life, a bottle you can keep on hand is sure to be a game changer.


We know what you’re thinking; things are getting really kooky now. Who in their right mind takes a cookbook on holiday with them? But, bear with us and think about this for a moment. There are a few different issues with eating while away. For one, we quite literally guzzle money when we go abroad.

Even during a week’s holiday, it isn’t unheard of to spend up to £200 on food alone. What’s more, eating out every night can fast get sickly. Yet, even if you have cooking facilities in your hotel room, they won’t do much good if you don’t know what to cook. But, if you take a cookbook along for the ride, you can ensure tasty food for half the price. You could alternate this with eating out to keep things fresh. It’s the holiday addition you never even knew you needed.

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