Feeling Peckish? Where to Eat in Cardiff

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The word ‘foodies’ seems to have come around just lately. It's part of the modern culture now but it's meaning is a little defunct. The word describes people who love food, but wait a minute, doesn’t everybody love food!? Well, Cardiff doesn’t disappoint that’s for sure. Despite what you may think, Cardiff isn’t out of touch with the rest of the country nor the continent. When you think of the kind of food you are most likely to get in Cardiff, you think of more rustic dishes that are for people who want to shake off the cold with a good hearty meal. Although that blessed culture does still exist, the city has become full of modern cuisines that are catered for the younger generation and indeed some still possess the traditional qualities. So where should you go to eat in this great city?

Cake city

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best foods to eat while in Wales itself is Welshcakes.
Hands down, they beat pancakes and at the very least, will make you question your love for them.
Welshcakes are soft and fluffy and kind of look like a flattened scone but are made from batter.
You can have them plain, or eaten the traditional way with caster sugar, jam and clotted cream.
Go over to Fabulous Welshcakes where you can get all kinds of Welshcakes and eat them fresh
off the griddle. All kinds of fruits can be added to them such as apricots, blueberries, strawberries
and figs to name a few.

Prepare for pita

In this windy city, sometimes you need a reminder of a place that has sunshine. The Hellenic Eatery
is where you can get some traditional Greek food. As with the Greek cuisine, you can see many dishes
with succulent meat and fresh pita bread on the side. One of their dishes is called ‘gyros’ which
consists of, roasted pork on a vertical spit so all the juices are kept in the meat as much as possible.
The marinade blends perfectly with the smokiness of the meat, but to go with it you have fresh tomatoes,
onions and tzatziki with feta cheese and of course some lovely, toasty pita bread. Why have a side of
chips when you can have a side of olives, and a Mediterranean salad?

Juicy, meaty, cheesy

If something traditional or continental isn’t going to satisfy you, then why not go with something that you
can’t go wrong with? Of all the burger restaurants cardiff, The Grazing Shed is one of those ones you
cannot miss. Here they serve some classic American-style burgers and others with a modern twist.
Want something odd but delicious, try the El Toro burger that is 100% beef, but comes with honey
glazed goat’s cheese, chorizo, mayonnaise, hot chilli and lettuce. They also have double beef burgers
and chicken as well.

Cardiff may surprise you in many ways, and one of them is the extended range of restaurants.
Whatever kind of cuisine you are looking for, Cardiff will provide it for you. No matter where you eat,
give those Welsh cakes a try and tell yourself they’re not better than pancakes while keeping a straight face.

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