Ballin' In Bali - What To Do On The Island

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There are a few vacations that evoke the feeling of the paradisaical break away from the world than relaxing
under blue skies against a backdrop of white sands and blue waters in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has long
been the haven for many a traveler, as welcoming to tourists as it is picturesque. Here, we’re going to look
at one of the most popular and well-loved islands among the thousands that make up the country. It’s time
to take a look at what Bali has to offer.

An island of temples
One of the attractions that Indonesia is undoubtedly best known for is the gorgeous, expansive temples that
dot the islands. The sheer majesty of Purah Tanah Lot near Denpasar has to be seen to be believed. This Hindu
temple, built to pay respects to the spirits that watch over the seas, looms overhead on a rocky plateau that
juts out from a beach. For those used to all things metropolitan, it can look like it has jumped straight out of a
fantasy. Though the inner sanctums of the temple aren’t accessible to visits, the outer chambers are still gorgeous.
This is far from the only temple on the island, simply one of the best.
World renowned surf
We started by talking about beaches, so it would be a mistake if we didn’t take the time to highlight what exactly
you can do there. In terms of beach culture, Bali easily ranks among the very top coastal destinations in the world.
The surfing at Legian Beach is recommended by experts across the globe, with big, sloping waves that offer an
accessible beginning for newcomers while challenging anyone who has already found their feet on the board.
Scuba is another majorly popular seaside activity in the area, too, with Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida being particularly
beautiful with a wide array of colorful coral reefs.

Join the party
Tourism is a big part of Bali’s economy so, while it takes care to preserve many culturally and naturally important hotspots,
it is more than welcoming to travelers. In particular, the nightlife, restaurants, and culture of Seminyak are not to be missed.
This beach resort city is often considered the classy, cultured center of the island. There’s plenty of luxury to be found, with
fancy hotels and villas in Seminyak serving as the perfect hub for your journey through the islands. Hit up the Blue Ocean
strip at sunrise when the party starts, where there’s a huge host of restaurants with great views of the sea. There’s a huge
range of places to socialize and have a little fun, from classy bars like the Red Carpet Champagne bar to EDM-fueled party
centers like Mirror.
Where the wild things are
If you’re feeling a little drained after a night on the town, you might feel like retreating into the lush woods that dot the islands.
Well, you can do just that and make a few new friends at stops like Monkey Forest Ubud in Padangtegal. Hire a driver to the
village and explore the adjoining forest which has an impressive array of Balinese monkeys which can’t be found in the wild
anywhere else in the world. Ubud Monkey Forest is also home to three temples. If you don’t make it to Purah Tanah Lot, you
can hit two birds with one stone. There’s an open stage by the forest’s entrance which regularly has local entertainment for
guests, too.

Get your walking shoes on
Though it’s one of the smaller islands of the country, Bali can seem immense in scale when you’re approaching it. The land
is extremely varied, and this makes for some excellent hiking trails. It’s recommended you take a guide with you, but trails
like the trip up Mount Batur should not be missed by anyone who enjoys a more active vacation. Besides being the second
highest peak on the island, Mount Batur is a sacred spot to the locals, too. It undoubtedly feels mystical as you climb higher
and see the ethereal mists shifting around and beneath you, a very common occurrence on the mountain. It’s not too difficult
or too long a hike, either, so it’s well-suited to those who aren’t exactly professional mountain climbers.
It might not be the biggest island in Indonesia, or even in the top ten, but Bali has so much to offer that you’re going to feel
utterly spoiled for choice. There’s so much natural beauty, so much native tradition and history on display, yet so much
convenience and comfort for the tourist at the same time. You’ll have an un-Bali-vable time.

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