Don't Let These Silly Things Ruin Your Holiday

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There are several things that are out of your control which could ruin your holiday - although you hope they don't.
You can't control whether a plane takes off or what the weather does, but there are plenty of things that you can
control. You might not be able to stop something big happening, but you can prevent small, silly things from ruining
your holiday. Preparing well and following some rules when you're away should help you to make the most of your
trip and avoid making any disastrous mistakes. Here's how you can prevent some rookie mistakes.

Tummy Problems

Most people have probably had a holiday ruined by stomach and digestive problems. As if just being away
from home isn't enough to get your digestive system out of sync, you can easily upset your stomach by
eating or drinking the wrong thing. Being cautious when you're away, particularly in some countries where
hygiene might not be great or the typical diet might be extremely different to what you're used to, can help
you to avoid tummy troubles. Take a look at advice for your destination, such as avoiding tap water and not
eating street food. Remember to wash your hands a lot too.

Not Being Able to Use Your Gadgets

It might not be at the top of your mind, but you're probably taking at least a couple of gadgets or electronics
on your holiday. When you arrive, you don't want to discover that you can't use any of them. It's important to
check what sort of adapter you might need. You can find lots of information on the Travel Adaptors site. You
might think that you can get one when you arrive at your destination, but don't bet on it. You can sometimes
find that it's a struggle to get what you need, even in some smaller airports.


Getting a tan is a goal for a lot of people on their holidays. They want to get home and have everyone ask where
they've been. But we've long known the dangers of being in the sun too much. Even if you're not thinking about
the risk of skin cancer, getting badly burnt can be extremely painful and completely ruin your holiday. There are
other things to worry about too, like heat stroke. And it's not just in hot places where you need to think about sunburn.
If the sun's out when it's cold, especially when there's highly reflective snow, you can still get burnt. Make sure you
take plenty of sunscreen and try not to spend too much time in the sun.

Inappropriate Clothing

Packing the right clothes for your holiday isn't always easy, even if you have a general idea of the climate and
what the weather might do. But you can still make sure that you're as prepared as you can be. Of course,
if you do forget anything, you can often buy it when you arrive. However, that means spending extra money,
and that's if you can find what you need. Try to buy everything before you leave, unless it's going to be cheaper
on the other side.

If you're going away, don't let a silly mistake ruin your trip. Prepare yourself properly to make sure you have plenty
of fun.

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