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So two weeks ago, I started the Slender Blend diet from Protein World after getting a bit fed up on Slimming World, which just means you're replacing your breakfast and lunch with a milkshake rather than actually chewing anything. If you have ever heard of Slim Fast, the more common milkshake diet, then it is a bit like that.

Thing is, I always get so skeptical with milkshake diets. Are they going to fill me up? Can I snack if I get hungry? Will I gain all of my weight once I stop with the shakes? So many questions and so little answers, but hopefully with this blog, I can tell you a little more about it.

I am in no way trying to encourage anyone to swap in their actual nutritional meals for two shakes, but what I am actually going to do is give you a little review on how my past two weeks have gone. I know when I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about this that I found it near impossible finding any reviews that actually weren't paid for, therefore bias, and I think something like this would have really helped me.

So.. how does it work?

Slender Blend works by replacing your breakfast with a milkshake. This milkshake is 4 scoops of Slender Blend powder, with 400ml of almond milk. However, I found myself getting too full from this (yes, too full!!) and have now started doing 300ml of milk with 3 scoops of powder. I add water to it, just to make it go that extra little bit further throughout the morning!

Am I full and do I snack?

I would always take low calorie meals to work anyway, which weren't very filling and I would always end up having some fruit or some other sort of snack in the afternoon. Since swapping to milkshakes, I find myself having lunch a little later because I can drag my breakfast over a couple of hours rather than eating it all at once.

If I drink all of my shake, rather than spreading it over a few hours, then I do get hungry around 4ish. Snacks are allowed - of course, that doesn't mean binging on Crunchies and Rolos, but healthy snacks like fruit, raisins etc. I tend to have a good treat in the night though such as a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar.

What flavours have I been using?

I heard great things about vanilla before joining, so thought that I would try that. The only way to really describe it is like melted vanilla ice cream. Delicious!

One thing that I will say though, is that one flavour might be easy to get sick of, so it is worth investing in two. I did this after about five days when I did notice that it was working and would be something that I would stick with for a couple of weeks. 

If you don't think that this diet is for you, and you are getting hungry and not losing weight, don't spend another twenty quid on a pot of Slender Blend.

I also ordered the strawberry flavour, which is a typical milkshake flavour that I would order when I am out and about anyway. I enjoy the strawberry, but it isn't your typical overly powering flavour which I normally enjoy in a shake. 

How much have I lost?

So far over the fortnight, I have managed to shift 7 pounds, so half a stone. I (so far) am not bored with the Slender Blend diet, although I do find that I need a few more flavours to make it more exciting - having just the two flavours can be a bit boring.

Of course, this weight loss will start to slow down now that I have had a couple of weeks on it, but I am still hoping to combine the diet with exercise to shift 2 pounds a week - hopefully.



- Stay full for longer.
- You actually do lose weight.
- The flavours are great, and there is a huge range.
- There is a Facebook group where you can ask questions etc and share ideas.

- It can be quite pricey - £15 of almond milk a week and £15 a Slender Blend tub a fortnight - it does replace your food shops though so that helps!
- I have no idea whether you will gain weight if you come off the shakes.

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