5 Ways to Save Money for Christmas

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That time of year - ALREADY? We say the same thing every time the date changes from the 31st of a month, to the 1st of a month. Ermagod, August already etc etc.

I wanted to make a blog post to give my readers some great money saving hacks this Christmas, so the 'ouch' feeling isn't that bad when it comes to the end of the year.

Here my 5 great money saving tips so that you're not breaking the bank this Christmas:

1. Use Top Cashback
I have mentioned this on my blog plenty of times, but rather than searching for a store through Google, search through the Top Cashback search bar instead. It works as a form of advertising, so Top Cashback get paid for advertising the company to you, and they give you a percentage of that. It sounds a little nuts so check out my full post on Top Cashback here. I usually save about £180 a year - depending on how much I buy!

2. Save the Change
If you're with a bank such as Lloyds Bank or Monzo, then they create a separate account for you where your spare change goes. for example, if you buy something for 97p, it will round it up to the nearest pound and put that 3p into a different change account. You will have a whole account with a big chunk of money by the end of the year, and you wouldn't have even notice it disappear.

3. Stop Buying Gifts
Do you really need to buy your weird auntie a gift this year, only to receive a pair of strange old gloves in return? Maybe this year, it is time to cut gift buying with some people. You're more than likely going to be doing them a huge favour too, as you could be difficult to buy for and they might not have as much money as you think. Even cutting one of your friends out will save you a tenner!

4, Recycle!
You need to be clever with this one, because you don't want to recycle any of your gifts from last year to the same person that bought them for you. How ungrateful would that look? Make a note of who bought you what at Christmas, and then the year after, if they aren't used, gift them to other people. If you haven't touched them in 365 days, then I am sure someone else would appreciate the gift more.

5. Switch Banks
Have a little look online to see what banks are offering big sums for switching. At the moment, you can get up to £125 with HSBC. I recently switched to Halifax for their £150 offer but that has expired now. If you love your current bank, then don't worry as you can switch back in a few months to get whatever incentive they're offering at the time. Easy money!

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