Christmas Gift Guide for Your Boyfriend

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I don't know about you but I find my boyfriend so hard to buy for each Christmas. I swear every year it gets harder. I always feel ridiculously bad when I end up giving him a load of stuff that he probably doesn't want and he spoils me with everything that I hinted about months before December.

I am not sure if you've had chance to check out my Christmas Gift Guides for Alcohol Lovers, or Christmas Gift Guide for Your Bestie, but I thought I would try my hardest to put one together for your boyfriend. 

Here goes..

1. Colgate ProClinical 250+ Toothbrush - To get rid of the morning breath of a Christmas Eve beer when you wake up on Christmas!

My boyfriend is obsessed with cleaning his teeth, and he will actually clean them about three times a day - pretty much after every meal. This toothbrush is gentle on the gums yet will clear all the plaque away. A great gift idea if you're going to be wanting a smooch under some mistletoe this year!

2.  Mitchells & Butler Gift Card  - So he can treat you to a meal out, duh!

Mitchells and Butler are the owners behind my favourite restaurant, Miller and Carter, and if you're wanting to give your bae the gift of a damn good steak this Christmas, then this is a great idea. They are also behind the likes of Harvester, Browns and Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery. All yum options!

3. Philips Series 3000 Nose Trimmer -  If he doesn't feel very masculine plucking his eyebrows on a Saturday night, then this is a great gift!
Adam absolutely hates plucking his eyebrows and when I offer to do them for him, he hates it even more. This is a great gift for the boyfriend that needs to get rid of their nose hair, eyebrow hair and ear hair. Plus, it is a little more masculine than going to the nearest threading lady!

4. Retro Pocket Games - Who needs the latest Nintendo when you can have this?

I was so excited when I got sent one of these to try out! It is literally the cutest pocket game - takes you right back to your younger days when games on iPhones weren't a thing. There are over 100 games on this thing!

5. Jelly Belly Super Hero Mix - Jelly Beans team up with everyone's fave superheros!
If you're looking for a fab stocking filler - then how about these packets of Jelly Belly beans? The team have partnered with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman to bring you a bag of sweets full of super powers. Oh, and yummyness!

6. Woody's Quality Grooming Body and Laundry Spray -  Great for a man that likes no fuss!

This product is great for a boyfriend that travels a lot, as he can spray his laundry and his body and smell great all throughout the day. Another great idea for a stocking filler!

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