Christmas Gift Guide: For Your Bestie

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Whether you have one of your close friends for this year's Secret Santa, or whether you want to gift someone for just being a great friend this year, this guide has everything, suitable for every budget.

Check out the below gift ideas, that you could give to your bestie this year:

1. Funny 2019 Wall Calendar - Probably not best for the family fridge!

When this came in the post, I actually cracked up laughing. Each month says the funniest thing including, I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE, which will be absolutely perfect to display on my work desk! Your bestie will be in tears when she receives this gift.

2. Gourmet Chocolate Pizza - oh my god, amaze!

I have never heard of this company before but oh my god, they sent me the most DELICIOUS pizza - it was better than Cadbury's (big statement). I had one that was covered in brownies and fudge. AMAZING.

3.  Oh K Japanese Face Masks - Perfectly rejuvenating!

If you have a skin care obsessed friend, then consider the Oh K Japanese Skin Masks as a small gift. The hydrogel masks are easy to easy, nice and cool and plus, the best part is that there is no need to rinse anything off after!

4. Sure Deodorant - every girl deserves to smell nice!

Would it even be Christmas without a bottle of Sure? I always get a bottle of this in my stocking, and I am forever grateful as I know I will definitely use it at some point during the year.

5. Happy Down Cocktails - low calorie and tastes great!

These cocktails taste lovely, and they are only 44 calories per 100ml. They come in three flavours -  Lychee, Guava & Chilli; Lemon, Cucumber & Mint and Raspberry, Pomegranate & Basil and they are available in Sainsbury's. A great stocking filler!

6. Impulse Limited Edition Body Mists - add some shimmer for the night!

These mists are great for making your skin look sparkly and smooth. I haven't been on a night out without using this, since receiving this in the post. Rather than spending ages highlighting your boobs, your bestie will really appreciate this quick spray!

7. Prismatic Red Lipstick - completely vegan too!
Is there anything better than a nice, red lip on a night out? No, there isn't. When a lipstick is completely vegan too, it makes it a whole lot nicer!

8. Silver Swift Botanical Spritzer - another low calorie alcoholic treat!

When these arrived, I was super chuffed as they sent me some lovely flavours. What is also great about these, is that they are super low calorie too! I took mine on the train with me on the way to Wales rugby game, and it just looked like a bottle of pop - sneaky!

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