5 Tips on Moving House

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I moved in with my boyfriend just a few months ago, and so far, everything is going great (other than the fact we still don’t have a dog and I’m not allowed a walk-in wardrobe). I still have some stuff at my parents’ house, and there really isn’t much organisation going on with the stuff that I brought with me to my new home – not everything has a place just yet, despite it being 3 months later.

If you’re planning on moving house, then I thought that I would share with you 5 tips on move in day – some of which I did myself and it proved effective, and some that I wish I did:

2.      Hire a Removal Van or Company
Imagine this; I am trying to pack all my shoes, my clothes, my junk and pretty much my entire life into a tiny little Fiesta. It didn’t go well, and it resulted in a few trips before I finally had enough stuff in my new flat to get me through the next few weeks at least.

I really do suggest hiring a removal van or company to help you move, when I was looking at intercityremovals in Cardiff, they weren’t actually badly priced, and they would have made my life a hella’ lot easier.

2.      Organise Your Packing
Again, I didn’t do this, I pretty much just shoved everything in the car. Think of an American TV show where the kid is moving to college – she will literally label EVERY box with ‘bedroom’ or ‘kitchen’ and let me tell you, it really would have made my life easier.

When it came to unpacking, I had kitchen scales in with high heels, and toiletries in with freezer food – there was just no organisation. Make sure you label your boxes to ensure all the right stuff is together.

3.      Ensure There is Enough Wardrobe Space BEFOREHAND
I had spent plenty of time at Adam’s flat before move in day, so I had a rough guide on how much I would be able to bring and where everything would go.

It was super important to ensure that there would be enough space for everything that I was bringing, so that it wasn’t all left out without a space for weeks on end.

4.       Wrap Up Breakables
This is a bit of an obvious one, but make sure that you wrap up all of your china and glass. The delicate items may roll around in the car, and there is also a slim chance that you could drop one of the items when carrying it to your new room.

Towels and clothes are great forms of bubble wrap – use these to save you hunting out on some bubble wrap!

5.      Put Items You’ll Definitely Need on Arrival in a Bag
Pack a bag as if you’re about to give birth in a hospital – what would you need when you get there and the following day? Toothbrush, pyjamas, hairbrush etc.

This will mean that you can move in your boxes, leave them there without unpacking, and have everything to hand to get you through the night and next day. You won’t have to rummage through a load of boxes to find everything you need the next morning!

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