Where the Love of Food Could Take You

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Food is just the best thing in the world. We might be being biased here, but we love it that much that
we’ve dedicated a whole post to it. Until you find a love for food, you don’t truly realise how much it
can benefit your life. Because some of you won’t actually know what a true love for it is. Yes, you’ll
love to eat it, but will you truly appreciate everything that’s going on on the plate. Will you understand
how the different flavours are marrying together, and the precision it has taken to cook the meal.
Or are you eating a microwave meal right now, and looking at it like it’s the most disgusting yet
convenient thing that has ever put been in front of your eyes. Of course we’re going to veer towards
the finer foods in life with this article, but we will not throw too much shade towards the simplicity
yet yumminess of a microwave meal.

However, when you do truly find a love for food, there are plenty of places that it can take you around
the world, some of which we’re going to talk to you about today. Have a read on, and let us show you
how you can first develop a love for food, and then where it could take you.

How To Develop That Love

Ok, so there’s no point carrying on with this article if we don’t first address those of you who are
not sure what a love for food is past the desire to actually eat it. Because we promise you there
is so much more to it than that.

To develop a true love for food, you have to extend your palette a little bit. For those of you who
have always been a fussy eater, this is where you’re going to struggle the most. For those of you
who always go to a restaurant and always order the same thing, it’s going to be even harder for
you. But what most of you will like, is that to find a love for food you’re going to have to eat out
a little more. Food cooked by someone else always tastes so much better, and when you have it
done you always know that the quality is going to be good. Even if not, you know you can complain
and get something free out of it, whereas when it’s your own  you just have to accept the fact that
it tasted horrible, and order a takeaway to drown your sorrows. So, our top tip on developing that
deep love of food, is to eat out once or twice a month, and try something completely new each
time. It’ll open you up to new possibilities, and we promise that along the way you will find
something that you really love. Not only that, you’ll start to become accustomed to different
smells, flavours, and how they work together.

Cooking As A Career

So, this is onto the big leagues isn’t it really, and we bet one of the things you’re thinking is that
you don’t have the first idea about how to cook. Well, you don’t have to! Pretty much all of the best
chefs that you will ever come across in the world will have started with absolutely no experience,
but only a love for food to guide them. You will find that they start as pot washes, and if you really
do want to go into a career with food, then this would be the best place for you to start. Although
it might feel like a lot of manual labour with no reward, you’ll be learning new things every single
day. You’ll then get to ask to have a go, or you’ll get promoted to vegetable prep, and then before
you know it you’re preparing parts of a meal you never thought you could. Some people will then
go on to set up their own restaurants, which a lot of famous chefs did after starting from the bottom.
This would be such a great place for you to end up, as all you would need is the location, the idea,
things such as wholesale aprons and cooking equipment, and a vibe that’s just going to make your
restaurants take to the stars. But this would be the tip of the iceberg, to get there you’re going to go
on this amazing journey with food that you
might not have thought of before!

Travelling & Finding Great Dishes

Now isn’t this one that all of you will like to think of. We love to travel, and we love to eat food, so
why not combine the both of them. To do this, you would have to go on a sort of culinary adventure.
South east Asia, and in fact the whole of Asia is one of the best places to go if you wish to do this,
and to backpack around it is just one of the best things in the world. It doesn’t cost that much, and
the experiences you will have alongside food will be truly amazing.

But, to get the most of it, you need to know what to do. Our top tip is to always go for the smaller
restaurants, the ones truly owned by the locals. There you will find some of the best home cooked
foods that you just won’t find in big chain restaurants. Not only that, but you really will be helping
the locals and giving something back to them. Going to markets is also a really good idea because
you’ll find foods you wouldn't usually find on a menu. Some of it might be weird and wacky, but it
will be more than worth it when you eat it. You could also find some great flavours for you to buy
and take home, and cook some incredible meals with. Herbs and spices you can get in countries
such as south east Asia are so much better, and the variety is so much bigger than in other

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