7 Easy Ways to Bump Up Your Finances

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Finances are one of the main causes of stress for many individuals and families. Many people feel like they
don’t have enough money, or like they don’t have the knowledge required to manage it properly. The fact is,
managing your money doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You can make smart changes and bump up your
finances with the 7 suggestions below!

1. Start Using Cashback Sites
If you shop online and you don’t currently use cashback sites, you’re definitely wasting your money! Cashback
sites are amazing, and there are quite a few of them you can use. Read up on some reviews, check out which
stores are available on each site so you can make the right decision about which one to use, and set up an account.

Once you have an account, all you have to do is visit the cashback site each time you’re thinking of purchasing
something and then click through to the store you want to purchase from. The cashback site will automatically
track what you have purchased and give you a small percentage of the purchase back. It depends on what you
buy and how much you spend, but if you’re consistent with this you can get a nice amount of cashback!

2. Swap Utility Providers
Have you looked at swapping utility providers in the last few years? If you haven’t chances are you could
be saving money on a reduced bill or deal. Check out online deals and see if there’s something cheaper for you.
You can then call your provider and talk to them about it, or switch to one that is offering a better deal. It isn’t hard
to switch, as the companies take care of it for you.

3. Find Ways To Cut Back On Other Expenses
Find ways to cut back on your other expenses. Maybe you could get a cheaper gym membership, or
cancel it if you don’t use it (home workouts can be just as effective). Maybe you could be paying for a
cheaper phone contract. If you create a budget and begin to track everything you’re spending, you’re
bound to find ways that you can cut back.

4. Be Mindful Of How Much You Eat/Drink Out
Eating and drinking out can be a huge expense for many people. You should plan for meals you’re going
to eat out, and not just spend frivolously. The money really does add up. If you’ve won some spare cash
on a site like Freebets then by all means treat yourself - just don’t go OTT the rest of the time. Many people
report spending hundreds of pounds per month just on eating out!

5. Never Go Shopping Without A List
Always take a list when you shop, and avoid the aisles you don’t need. Stay strong!

6. Remove Temptation To Spend
Don’t browse clothing websites and other sites if you don’t actually need anything. If you’re bored, read
a book or catch up on something else you’ve been meaning to do!

7. Automate Your Savings
Finally, automate your savings so you don’t have to think about putting money in another account. If you have to think about it, there’s a chance you might not do it. It’s very satisfying to have an emergency fund.

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