How to Make Money From Your Blog - 3 Tips!

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Writing a blog gives you chance to express your thoughts and opinions, while allowing you to write about topics that you care about most. I mean, I love talking about food, nearly as much as I love eating it.

Did you know that a lot of people in full-time employment have given up their professional jobs in order to become full-time influencers and bloggers? To a lot of people, this might sound absolutely crazy, but if you write great content and you spend time on your blog, then there is a lot of money to be made on your website.

I am not saying to pack in your job just quite yet, but if you’re looking for a little extra cash to book a trip, or treat a loved one, then here are 3 great tips on how you can begin making money from your blog:

Build Relationships with Brands
As both a blogger (here I am!) and a PR Executive, I understand the symbiotic relationship between both parties. A PR Executive will need a blogger to share their clients’ campaigns, share their websites and advertise their products through the use of word-of-mouth and linking back to the website.

How many times have you come across a blog with ‘this is a collaborative post’ at the bottom? This often means that the blogger has been paid to write something or has been gifted a product for doing so.

Bloggers need PR Executives just as much as they need bloggers, so it is worth sending an introductory email to a couple of PR Executives, whether in-house or agency, to introduce them to you and your blog. If they know you accept guest posts/sponsored posts, this makes things a lot easier their end and they are able to send you any opportunities that arise.

Use Blogger Outreach Services
There are plenty of blogger outreach services which advertise paid opportunities. Brands post an advertisement – think job advertisement in the newspaper – and the blogger applies to help out this.

There are usually specific requirements such as DA, TF and followers on social networking, but its definitely worth checking places such as Get Blogged, who make it clear on what they want from their bloggers.

Include Affiliate Links
You might often come across Instagram influencers putting up stories saying, ‘SWIPE UP TO BUY’. The only reason they tend to do this is so that they can make a small commission from any product that is bought.

Of course, the more affiliate links that you share, the more chance you’ll have at earning commission. If you create posts such as “The 5 Best Slogan T-Shirts Ever” and include 5 links to your affiliate program, then you’ll be making a little dosh on the side.

Think of it as a form of advertising; places such as Amazon and MissGuided (I know these do affiliate links) will pay you commission of any product sold from your word-of-mouth as a thank you.

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