How to Stay Safe on Your First Internet Date

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So, you’ve been speaking to a guy for a matter of weeks, and the time has come that you feel you need to meet them face-to-face. Of course, you’re going to be nervous, but this first date could either make or break your romantic life. No pressure.

Anyway, I have had a few Tinder dates in my time; My Cougar Dates, older guys, my regrets (many) and my current boyfriend of 3-years, which clearly turned out well. I thought that I would put together a little guide on how to ensure that you stay safe on these dates.
Use Recommended Dating Sites
People have the chance to report fake profiles and unsuccessful dates over on actual dating sites. Make sure they are proper, and if you’re struggling, then ask your friends for some example sites that they have used. Don’t be embarrassed to say that you’re on a dating site – its 2019 after all.
There are sites specific to what you’re looking for. I met my boyfriend over on Tinder, but if you search for something specific like cougar dating sites, or, one that I always see advertised, uniform dating, then the highest ranked sites should come up and you can search for the reviews.
Tell Your Family and Friends
Again, it is 2019, tell your friends and family that you have a date. They will be pleased for you, and even if it doesn’t work out, they will be happy that you have the confidence to get out there – a lot of people struggle with this.
The good thing about WhatsApp is that you can share your live location. I always make my bae share his location with me when he is on his way home from work so that I know when to put down the chocolate bar and pick up the grapes, so he can congratulate me on my day of eating well.
This is a good option if you’re unsure on where you’re going, and you want someone to be able to keep an eye on you. It will sort of take the edge off if you know that your family and friends know exactly where you are.
Never Go to Their House on a First Date
If you’re meeting someone online for a first date, then try and stay in the public eye. You want people around you so that, if he does turn into a bit of a weirdo, there are witnesses.
If you’re on your own with a guy in his house, then if something (again, worst case scenario) happens, it is your word against his and you won’t have anyone to back you.
Stay public for the first three dates until you feel comfortable with your date. Plus, if you find the guy a little awkward on a 1 on 1, then you can always make comments about everyone else around you. For example, “wow, that girl just has the most amazing hair” – this might even trigger a compliment about your own hair, who knows!

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