3 Tips for Setting Up Your Online Dating Profile

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Most of my aunties and uncles have sadly all been divorced. I hate to say it but this really isn’t uncommon in this world, and I can imagine the thought of divorce actually puts so many people off the idea of marriage. However, I have recently helped one of my aunties set up her new online dating profile after going through her divorce a couple of years ago. It is time for her to get back in the game – yay!

I’m unsure as she wanted my help with this, as I am definitely not an expert in over 50s dating, but I certainly wanted to give setting up her dating profile a good go, in hope that her Mr. Right comes along over the next few weeks.

Here are just a few tips from an ex-Tinder user on how you can get the most from your dating profile:

Use Sites Suited to Your Demographic
There are so many websites out there, that you want to use the one that is right for you. I often associate the likes of Tinder and Bumble to the younger category, something that I would use if I was single and ready to mingle.

The auntie that I talked about above used a website called Single and Mature which is targeted at the older demographic. This is helping her find people who are roughly the same age, rather than finding someone who is looking for a cougar. There are plenty of sites suited to you, so it is all about finding the right one!

Don’t Include Too Much Information
There is nothing worse on a dating profile than being overloaded with information. At the end of the day, that is what dates and conversation is for. Only include the basic information such as first name, where you’re based and maybe a hobby. It shows a sense of mystery.

You don’t want someone to be put off from you by your likes and dislikes. If there is something unusual that you are into, then let this come up naturally in conversation rather than broadcasting it all over the profile. Hopefully, your prior charm and conversation would have been enough to not scare them away!

Don’t Be a Catfish
If you include photos of you when you’re a little skinnier, had a better hair style and not so many spots, then horrible, judgmental people may turn up for a date and say you catfished them and you’re not as hot as you are on your profile. I hate to say it, but people are actually this mean.

If you include natural and recent photos of you, then your potential future partner knows exactly what they are getting into.

I used to catfish people by including photos of myself looking skinnier than I was. I found that doing this really made me lack confidence when it came to actually going on the date, as I definitely knew that I didn’t look quite that good any more.

At the end of the day – they should like you for your personality and not your looks. I know it is easier said than done, but who cares if you’ve gained a little extra chub over the past few months, and who cares if your skin is looking a bit bleh?

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