3 Benefits to Owning a UK Holiday Home

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A holiday home is often thought to mean a foreign holiday home; a place of your own in the country you love the most. However, a holiday home based in the UK can actually be well worth considering, offering three standout benefits in particular…

1) Frequent visits are easier
A holiday home in an overseas destination will always be more challenging to visit than a holiday home based in the UK. With a UK holiday home, a train journey or a few hours in the car is all that is required, which is far more straightforward than arranging flights, hire cars,
tracking down your passport, and everything else necessary for overseas travel.

2) A simpler purchasing process
If you buy a holiday home overseas, you will enter into a long learning process: you’ll have to account for laws and regulations that you will have never encountered before. In contrast,
buying a holiday home in the UK is reassuringly familiar, making the entire purchase far easier to navigate as a result.

3) Easier management
If an overseas holiday home develops an issue - such as a leak, or a security break-in - then sheer distance, time zones, and (in some cases) the difficulty of managing the issue in a second language can be extremely difficult. With a UK holiday home, you can control the entire process just as you would if your own home experienced such issues and, if necessary, make a quick visit to the property to help ensure the entire repair process goes as smoothly as possible.

If you fancy trying the UK holiday home experience for yourself, the infographic below is a great starter guide that can help get you started on turning your dreams into a reality…

Infographic Design By Lyons Holiday Parks

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