3 Tips on Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

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Crikey, did you know that the average wedding now costs £30,000? That is nearly as much as a typical house deposit. If I had to choose between having somewhere to live for the rest of my life, or having one day of attention and gifts then I’- actually, I would probably choose the second one.

I thought that I would put together a little guide on how to choose the perfect wedding venue. I don’t actually have experience in this, but I have been helping someone plan their wedding these past few months and have taken a lot of advice and tips on board.

My Favourite Wedding Venue:

If you're looking for the most beautiful wedding venue, then check out Notley Abbey, a unique country house in Buckinghamshire.

So, here are my top 3 tips on how you could plan the perfect wedding venue on a budget:

Getting married somewhere amazing, and in the centre of a city, for example Cardiff or London, would of course bring the cost up just a little.

A lot of the time, you’d be better off booking somewhere just slightly off track that won’t cost quite as much. If you’re worried about friends and family not being able to get there or having somewhere to stay, then get in touch with a local hotel and see if they can do any discounts for guests.

For example, rather than having a wedding in London, which as we all know is super expensive, then have a look at Hampshire wedding venues, wedding venues in Berkshire or Surrey wedding venues as they are all close enough for people to travel to.

The thought of having a humongous castle, or amazing church is probably super appealing, but if you don’t have many people to fill it, then it might look empty.

If you make a rough guide with your partner on who you will both be inviting to the wedding, then you might get a great estimation on how many, and who will be attending the wedding.

If you want a small wedding, then just view some smaller venues. Obviously ensure that everyone will have a seat, but also ensure that there aren’t too many seats that are left empty.

Make sure, that if you have a theme in mind, that your location will be able to suit that. If you want something glamorous, then perhaps think about a country house, or a stunning mansion.

However, if you want something modern, then perhaps something like an art gallery or a warehouse. The good thing about these is that they are usually so bare enough that you can literally decorate them however you want, so the theme can be incorporated.

You should keep the weather in mind though when thinking about your theme. Living in the UK, we don’t often get the best weather so ensure that if you do have a theme, that you have somewhere indoors where this can be incorporated. It is pointless choosing somewhere outdoors for a nice, edgy theme, when the chances of sunshine are extremely slim.

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