3 Ways to Find the Perfect Relationship

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Every time I watch a romantic comedy and I watch 2 people bump eachother and fall in love, I always wonder whether people actually meet in that way. It all seems too, movie-like, right?
For example, I remember watching New York Minute with Mary-Kate and Ashley (brilliant film!) and I swear one of the twins bumped into someone on a bike, it happened again and again and by the end of it, they fell in love. I can’t really imagine something like this happening in real life?

I always used to question, before I got with my boyfriend, how I would actually meet them. Would someone come up to me on the train? Would I bump into someone with my trolley in Asda?

After doing some research online, I thought that I would put together 3 great points on where you can meet your perfect match. These are a little more realistic than what you might see in an American TV show or film though, trust me:

1.      Online Dating
When I was searching for my research, and I used online dating as the keyword, there were quite a few articles that read “is it possible to find a boyfriend without using a dating app?” which demonstrates how popular dating websites really are.

If you search for ‘dating sites uk’ then there will be plenty of options – you really are spoilt for choice, so sign up for a few ones, and you never know, Mr. Right might be on there.

The good thing about using a dating app or website is that you have time to get to know someone before actually meeting them face-to-face. Plus, you can have a good stalk on their Facebook prior to meeting them to get a feel for their personality!

2.      Ask Your Friends
One of my cousins met their currently partner through a mutual friend at work and they’ve been together ever since. Don’t be afraid to ask your friend if they know of anyone suitable for you – they might, but they might not.

If your friend is anything like me, then they will get excited at the thought of helping you get into a relationship. If they are in a relationship too, then it will broaden the search even more as there will be 2 parties on the hunt rather than 1.

3.      Instagram is Key
If you still follow people from college, school, university or an old job, then the easiest wy in would be to subtly start liking their Instagram posts, and giving them an occasional comment when you gain a bit more confidence.

This will trigger their memory into remembering all the good times that you once had in school or wherever, and he might click your icon and start scrolling through your profile too.
Never under estimate the power of the Gram – if it doesn’t get you a relationship, then hopefully it will help you get a few extra likes!

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