4 Ways to Get Great Wedding Photos

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Going through wedding photos are a great way to remember your special day, and of course, the more the merrier. While wedding photographers do an absolutely fantastic job (and so they should for the price!), they can’t of course get all of your good sides, so sometimes it might be worth thinking about other ways that you can gather images.

Here are just 4 ways that you can ensure that you get the best shots from your wedding day:

Wedding Photo Sharing
There are some cool apps and pieces of software that you can get these days to ensure that all your photos are in one central point. I know a lot of people use Facebook albums, and make their privacy settings set to just those at the wedding, but there are a lot easier ways for wedding photo sharing.

Having a central point for all of the photos from the special day allows guests to see what images they had been featured in. Also, as the bride and groom cannot be everywhere during the day, due to so many members of the family being there, then this is a great way for them to catch up on fun moments that they may have missed out.

Wedding Photo Booth
Photo booths at weddings has become increasingly popular over the years, well it seems like from my Facebook page anyway.

Although they don’t catch your guests having a great time naturally, they are a great way for guests to take home little memoirs of the day and have it pinned on their fridge.

You might even be able to get some that supply your guests with funky hats and huge sunglasses. It is definitely a great laugh to get dressed up and get inside a photo booth.

I remember when there used to be one in Tammy Gal in Cardiff town centre, and it was definitely one of my first go-tos as soon as I got off the bus. I think I even have some of those stickers still!

I did mention that a photographer won’t be able to get all of your great angles, but for the money that you pay they will definitely take some great shots. They know exactly what they are doing and if you choose someone with a great portfolio online with idyllic wedding images, then you know they will be great.

Plus, the photographer would have invested in some pretty high-tech equipment, so you know the quality will be pretty outstanding.

Disposable Cameras
We have all seen that episode of Friends where Ross and Chandler lose the disposable cameras that were used by guests, and have to go out and fake their wedding day photos, right? I mean if you haven’t, then you really are missing out.

A good idea would be to leave disposable cameras at everyone’s table and asking them to use them as they wish throughout the day. Leave a bag somewhere at the end of the night for your guests to deposit your cameras, and then you can get them developed when you’re out of the honeymoon stage.

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