5 of the Best Seafood Restaurants Around the World

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Traveling the world opens you up to a gastronomic experience! Everywhere you go offers a slightly different variation of even the most familiar dishes.

Our world is full of water, so you can try amazing seafood from all over the globe! Learn where to get the best on Earth!

5 of the Best Seafood Restaurants on Earth

Some people simply eat where they go. But experienced foodies and travelers will go where they can eat well for their dream vacation.

Keep reading to learn where on Earth you should travel to for the ultimate seafood experience!

1. Kaikaya By the Sea (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Travel to the Island nation of Japan for a delightful seafood experience. This country touches the Pacific Ocean, The Sea Of Japan, and The East China Sea, while many major rivers flow through it, making it an optimal place for eating from the water.

Kaikaya By the Sea offers a unique atmosphere with a modern vibe and delectable food. By the decor, you will see the owner's love for the sea and his restaurant alike, with canoes, fish, and pictures of visitors.

Though the ambiance feels laid back, he makes his meals with precision. Every dish looks like a piece of fine art and the flavors tell a story you will love!

The chef buys fresh seafood from Sagami Bay and fuses Japanese traditions with Asian and Western flavors. Pair your meal with one of the sakis from his impressive collections!

2. Crabby Daddy (The Woodlands, Texas)

Traveling within the United States offers a unique experience as well, as America sits on multiple bodies of water explodes with cultural influence from all over the world.

For a fantastic cajun experience and seafood dinner, visit Crabby Daddy Seafood and Steakhouse. This food stems from an incredible family history.

From Sparta, the grandfather, famously known as Chicago Louie, came over to America with only work ethic and pride, married the love of his life and built Chagouris & Matthews Seafood Company in the World Famous, Lexington Street Market. The love of seafood survived WWII and the son opened Green Bay Seafood, also in the Lexington Market.

In keeping with tradition, the next generation opened Crabby Daddy. Keeping people guessing what's in the fish to make it taste so good.

3. Wadiya (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

For somewhere scenic, full of wildlife, and ingrained with a rich culture, visit Sri Lanka. This country is world renowned for its Sri Lankan crab.

While here, visit the Ministry of Crab to see why the world loves this tasty water critter from these waters so much. They serve it just about every way you can imagine and do so in an interesting environment.

This restaurant sits in an old colonial era Dutch hospital, appropriately, as this crab will heal your soul!

4. Karambezi Cafe (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Traveling to Tanzania may make you think of safaris. But it will also provide you with some of the best seafood experiences in the world!

Dine on a cliff overlooking the Indian ocean, and eat Mediterranean seafood dishes! You will enjoy a fresh and scenic seafood dinner!

5. Aqui esta Coco (Santiago, Chile)

Let's not forget the South American seafood experience! Chile houses some of the best seafood restaurants in the world!

Visit Aqui esta Coco for award-winning cuisine! The food is fresh and authentic.

Taste the World

Travel truly expands your perception of life. Touch every corner and allow your taste buds to experience amazing seafood from some of the best restaurants in the world.

Share your experiences! Contact me to collaborate on a travel project!

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