Golf Crowd T-Shirts for Everyone in Your Life

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One of the worst things about March for me is the fact that it is my mum's birthday, and then my dad's birthday follows the next day. Oh, and not to mention that Mother's Day usually falls during the same week too - there goes my pay slip!

My mum is quite easy to buy for, she is quite happy with some nice smellies, a ticket to a show or just something nice for the house. I always find that buying for a girl is way easier than buying for a boy, but that's probably because I'm a girl too.

My dad loves golf, so I always tend to search for golf gifts over on Google for inspiration. So, if you've come onto this page for golf inspiration then you've come to the right place.
Here are 3 great golf crowd t-shirts for the golf lover in your life:

1.      For Your Golf-Loving Boyfriend
Some of these t-shirts made me actually laugh out loud. Of course, what sort of girlfriend would you be if you didn’t buy your boyfriend, partner, husband or secret lover a cringe-worthy tee?

My favourite one is the one below, which says “I really enjoyed that threesome” but then there is a clear golf description underneath, so that your bae will look like a fool unless someone gets a little close and can actually read the bit underneath. Ha.

Oh, and how could I not the ‘I Love Big Putts’ t-shirt. Honestly, some of these are just hilarious!

2.      For Your Golf-Loving Mum or Sister
There isn’t really that much choice when it comes to women’s tees on Golf Crowd, but hopefully they will expand over the next few weeks.

If you like your t-shirts a little baggy then of course, invest in one of the men’s t-shirts, but hopefully these fun sayings and quotes will be transferred to woman’s sizing and other colours too.

However, there is this one t-shirt for women which reads “My Worst Day at Gold Still Beats my Best Day at Work” – probably very true, if the woman in your life plays golf. Or, they just hate their job and can’t be bothered anymore.

Not going to lie, the only golf that I’ve ever played is crazy golf, and pub golf, so if anyone fancies getting me this t-shirt, then I am sure that I can relate that way.

3.      For Your Golf-Loving Child
How many children do you know that actually go out and play golf? Sure, they may play adventure golf time to time, a little like me, but they aren’t exactly professionals quite yet.

Some of these golf-related t-shirts are actually funny though, even if the child doesn’t play golf. I mean, it reflects the golf-loving personality in the adults, right? Which is the main thing.

Check out this “Daddy is my Caddy” t-shirt (so relatable to my life) which I thought was a pretty funky one!

There are so many golf t-shirts that you can buy for anyone that you know – it has given me some pretty useful ideas on what to get my dad this year thankfully!

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