Stand-out Modern Bedroom Ideas for Your Home

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Design your bedroom in 2019 with modern ideas that add to the elegance and vibrancy of the room you start and end your day in.

Here are just some small changes that you can make to give your bedroom a more modern and vibrant look:

Mix and match

* Your bedroom is your personal space, and you should treat it as such. Do not hesitate to add colour if that is your preference or to stick to the basics of one colour.

* Whichever option you choose, mix and match colours, patterns, and prints to give your room a vibrant look.

* Use bedding and pillows with different prints that complement one another.

Include workspace in your room

* Those of us that work from home and are in need of workspace can take advantage of the space available in the bedroom.

* Divide the bedroom space and the working space by including a room divider. The divider gives the illusion of being in a completely different space.

* Design your workspace differently from the bedroom space while maintaining the general theme of the whole space.

* Choose a desk with drawers to avoid cluttering your desk in the name of storage. You should also try as much as possible to use each section for its designated purpose.

* Do not use your workspace as an alternative to store clothes or other personal items.

Open clothing storage;

* Modern designs are all about minimalism, and this form of open storage for your clothes and shoes is precisely just that.

* You save up on space by not including wardrobes in your room and with the limited storage space, you will not over-indulge when shopping.

* The open storage design includes some drawers for easy storage of items such as socks that cannot be hung like dresses or placed on a surface like shoes.

* Open storage is also a good simplified version of a walk-in closet, and you can easily pick out your outfit for the day because you see everything you own at any given time.

Create space for working out or meditation
* There is a growing focus on physical health and mental wellness when designing the interior.

* If you are not able or willing to pay for a gym membership or classes, use that money to create space for working out or meditating.

* The space should be enough for you to comfortably move around, stretch out as you are working out and possibly include some equipment.

* If you can, create this space close to a window for proper ventilation. Include exciting colours and motivational posters to keep you encouraged as you work.

Raised bed
* A raised bed makes your room appear bigger than it actually is. The space beneath the bed is also convenient for storage; you can use it to store some items.

* With a raised bed, you have a get a better view from your window and a different perspective for your bedroom.

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