Feeling Self Conscious at the Gym? You're Not Alone!

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Summer’s just around the corner and if you haven’t already, you’re probably thinking that it’s time to join a gym and start working your way to that elusive summer body. However, for many the idea of joining a gym comes with more than a little nervousness and anxiety. Immediately your mind may be filled with an image of yourself slogging away on a treadmill- red faced and panting for your life while the petite nymphette on the machine next to you glides effortlessly on the revolving rubber mat without so much as a bead of sweat on her perfectly made up face.

First of all, if this is the kind of thing that keeps you lying awake at night… You are not alone!

It’s very common to feel self-conscious at the gym, for both women and men. Nonetheless, your reticence to join the world of the perfectly pert shouldn’t stand in the way of meeting your fitness goals. Here are some tips to help you to master your fears and own that treadmill!

Dress for comfort and performance

If you’re feeling a little less than comfortable about your current physique, fear not. You don’t have to rock up to the gym in nothing but short shorts and a sports bra. There are plenty of exercise wear manufacturers who take all kinds of body shapes and sizes into consideration. Recent years have shown a huge spike in body positivity across the fashion world and gym gear is no exception.

Whether you choose to wrap yourself in a Custom Designed Sports Skort which gives you the freedom of movement of shorts with the modesty of a skirt, or simply rocking the baggy tee and leggings combo you deserve to exercise in comfort!

Bring a friend

It can be extraordinarily intimidating walking into the gym alone. You can feel as though all eyes are on you. Like you’ve just walked into the last chance saloon and asked if you can use the toilet. Bringing a friend with you can not only make the experience of being a gym neophyte less intimidating it can also make your workouts way more fun. Plus, you’ll get to grow and develop together, inspiring and motivating one another, and strengthening your friendship as you both work towards your goals.

Treat exercise as your ally

Exercise is not your penance for indulging in that pizza and glass of sauvignon blanc last night. It’s not your enemy. Exercise is your friend. It will teach you that your body is capable of way more than you dared imagine. It can help you towards the body of your dreams while also boosting your moods and sharpening your mind. If you feel bullied by your exercise routine, it’s important to focus your attention on the benefits and how your regimen can get you there!

Remember, this is your gym too!
Finally, never forget that for as long as you pay your membership you have as much right to be in that gym as anyone. It’s your gym too! And don’t let anything or anyone try to make you believe otherwise.

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