The Newbie Tourist: Tips for Traveling to England for the First Time

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Here's what newbie tourists traveling to England for the first time need to know! From where to eat and what to do, we're going to give you the inside scoop. These tips will make your England trip a rich, unforgettable experience.

We know your excitement is skyrocketing with your upcoming trip. Ride that wave with confidence by doing a little planning. Read on to uncover tips for your first time in the UK!

Traveling to England for the First Time and Visiting London

London is the metropolis of the UK. Heavy traffic and travelers pass through every day. So how do you know how to navigate the crowds to see your top choices?
Apps! Yes, download apps on your phone for anything you need. Good apps to add are:
  • Weather. Knowing the weather will keep you healthy while on your trip. You need to know whether to dress warm or cool for the activities you'll be doing.  
  • Attractions and wait times. You can use this to gauge how long it'll take to get on the London Eye for example. That way you can better plan your day. 
  • Travel warnings or alerts. Let's you know of any serious news or issues relating to the area you're traveling to. 
Rating apps give you reviews and ratings on local dining, nightlife, hotels, and more. Apps are a definite plus while traveling, and you can access them at any time.

Know the Laws and Regulations

This should be your top-priority when traveling anywhere in the world! If you carry medication, know the laws of transporting prescriptions. The last thing you want to do is end up in jail instead of a plane ride home.
It would pay off to read up on visas and travel documents you'll need for your stay. Don't forget about any vaccines! You'll want to stay healthy to make the most lasting, happy memories.
Tourists should know the location of their embassy in whatever country they travel to.

Where to Stay in London First Time

For those who plan a short-term stay, serviced apartments are the most convenient. They come in a variety of size and amenities to accommodate your needs. You can choose from many bedroom options if you're traveling with family.
For large groups, this would be a great option to split costs. For long-term stays, you might take a plunge for a UK holiday home! This option cuts cost in the long run, and you can go whenever you like.

Having the Best Time of Your Life

Traveling to England for the first time shouldn't be daunting! Remember that with a little planning, you'll be able to flesh out a better experience. Get your tickets in order, and do a little research on bus routes.
Understanding public transportation, and common etiquette will spare you hiccups on your trip. Traveling is the best way to spend your money and time. Get more tips and insider information from my traveling blog!
Check out my journey to get a little inspiration to kickstart your traveling goals.

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