About me


My name is Emma-Leigh, a lot of people just call me Emma, and I currently work in a digital marketing company in Cardiff as a PR Executive . If you're confused about what PR actually is (a lot of people are), then I basically write cool stuff for my clients and try and get it some coverage in national and regional press, as well as using bloggers.

I graduated last year with a 2:1 in Journalism from the University of Gloucestershire, miraculously, as I spent majority of time skipping lectures and wallowing in bed regretting my Saturday night choices.

I started this blog originally for a uni module, and I have just ended up keeping it, dabbling into blog posts now and then. I love travelling, which is why I originally based this blog around travel. I have an aim to visit 30 countries by the time I am 30; basically, 6 more to go in the next 6 years. My next trip planned is Marrakesh, which is exciting as I have never been to Africa.

As you have probably noticed, I love going out for food too, oh, and drinks. Every weekend you'll catch me trying somewhere new - usually for brunch. This is where you'll find my reviews and opinion on different places, usually in Cardiff.

If you want to get in touch for any collaborations or guest posts, then please email me. Always happy to hear from PR agencies and brands.

Twitter: @emmaleighhull
Email: emma-hull@live.co.uk

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